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Welcome To Maxhill

One of the Fastest growing company in the MDF Boards segment. Started with Premium MDF interior grade, we have now in our product portfolio Exterior grade MDF, HDF, Rubberwood FingerJoint Laminated Boards, Flexible Plywood and Prelaminated boards. At Maxhill- Innovation is the buzz and we are consistently adding new products to serve our esteemed customers with something new all the time.

Always on the look out for new developments very keenly and strongly. As a dynamic company , Maxhill with wide channel and customer network, caters to the entire Wholesalers, Importers, Distributors, Resellers, Manufacturers,OEMs, Corporates, Contractors and Retail segment across the length and breadth of the country. The company has been a leader & a torch bearer as far as introduction of innovative products are concerned right since its inception and is today one among the firsts in introducing innovations and latest products.

With our dedicated, highly efficient and experienced team of Marketing as well as Back office and Warehouse Professionals, we at Maxhill have managed to reach great heights so far and are set to climb greater heights in near future.

The company today represents Panel Plus/ Robin Resources/ VRG Dongwha / VRG Quang Tri and Other giants for their MDF business in India. Our Rubberwood FingerJoint Laminated Boards and Premium Flexible Plywood are coming from leading manufacturers in the segment worldwide, assuring of the premium quality that we are known for. Backed with a solid Product Portfolio the Company of late has been making big inroads in the Premium MDF-HMR-HDF Boards / Rubberwood FingerJoint Laminated Boards / Premium Flexible Plywood segment .With the market expanding day by day,the company with the right International sourcing and wide presence are geared up in moving ahead.

We also take care of back to back requirements i.e. Import and supply materials for special/particular requirements which are not available in stock & which are difficult to source locally.

So any kind of Odd/Rare product requirements, we do try our best to source the same with our International contacts and fulfill customer’s requirements as far as possible.



Widest Range of Premium MDF Boards (Interior & Exterior Grade)

You Name It - We Have It

So we are specialists for almost any requirement in MDF Boards Industry. We represent Panel Plus/ Robin Resources/ VRG Dongwha / VRG Quang Tri and Other giants for their MDF business in India. With Widest Range, Unmatched quality Premium MDF A Grade boards of world class brands, we cater to almost every vertical & applications of the MDF industry. Started with plain MDF, today we have in our portfolio Interior Grade MDF Boards, Exterior Grade HMR MDF Boards, Exterior Grade HDF HMR Boards, the latest entrant being the White Prelaminated MDF Boards. Today our MDF customer base includes Wholesalers, Importers, Distributors, Resellers, Manufacturers & OEMs for Furniture/ Kitchens /Photo frames/Exam Boards/Car Doors & Roofs/Gift Items/Toys, Corporates, Contractors, Retailers, Exhibitors, Advertisers across the length and breadth of the country. The applications are endless and always counting.



Overview and Application

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood panel product. It is specially manufactured for furniture and joinery industries. The homogenous nature of our high quality premium fiberboard has consistency from surface to core. And its versatility allows intricate and precise machining and finishing techniques when producing high quality furniture, cabinetry components, craft work and flooring.

The overall strength and smooth surface of our high quality premium fiberboard make it suitable for painting to achieve high quality finishing and provide a uniform substrate for overlaying. Furthermore, it can be worked easily with all conventional woodworking and hand tools.

Our MDF INTERIOR GRADE BOARDS are of the Premium high quality standards i.e. “A” Grade.


Thickness (mm) 1.7 – 25
Size (ft) 8 x 4 

Thickness (mm)
1.7 1.8 1.9 2.2 2.3 2.5 2.7 3 3.2 3.4 4 4.3 4.5 4.75 5.2
5.5 7 7.3 7.5 10 10.5 11 12 15 16.7 17 18 24 25  


Overview and Application

MDF High Moisture Resistance is an ideal substrate for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and any other areas where moisture and high humidity is present.

Its main characteristic produced from melamine resin system is an increased in dimensional stability or lower thickness swelling where there is the risk of occasional wetting or prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity.

Our HMR MDF EXTERIOR GRADE BOARDS are of the Premium high quality standards i.e. “A” Grade.


Thickness (mm) 3.5 – 25
Size (ft) 8 x 4 

Thickness (mm)
3.5 5.5 7.5 10.5 16.5 17 25


Our HDF HMR EXTERIOR GRADE BOARDS are of the Premium high quality standards i.e. “A” Grade.

Overview and Application

High Density Fiberboard (HDF) has a higher density version of ordinary fiberboard. It is engineered to suit the most demanding applications such as for high pressure laminated flooring.

The combination of melamine resin system used during production and much higher density range made it less susceptible to big variation of moisture changes and more resistant to higher force of impact.


Thickness (mm) 8, 11, 12, 17
Size (ft) 8 x 4 

Thickness (mm)
8 11 12 17


Overview and Application

  • Melamine impregnated paper is pressed on to the surface of MDF board which is factory finished.
  • Pre-laminated MDF is moisture-resistant, scratch-free and extremely easy to maintain.
  • These Pre Laminated MDF Boards are made utilizing sophisticated machinery and innovative technology.
  • Especially suited for areas where dimensional stability is of key importance. Like kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets.
  • Used in Furniture materials : Office furniture, kitchen furniture, built-in closets, Wardrobes,Cupboards,Paneling.


Available Color White

Premium Flexible Plywood

Overview and Application

Flexible plywood, is a special kind of plywood that can be easily bent without breaking it into pieces.

It is extremely flexible. ... Normal plywood tends to resist bending. However, Premium Flexible Plywood is composed of layers of thin plies. This means that it will bend into various 'curved' shapes, quite easily. Premium Flexible Plywood is ideal for a range of practical applications that require bends and curves. It's very useful for creating any kind of furniture that needs to have curved surfaces.

It needs to be noted here, that as the thickness of the ply increases, its bending radii will also increase. So for making tight curves of very small radius, thinner Premium Flexible Plywood sheets have to be used.

Our FLEXIBLE PLYWOOD is of the Premium high quality standards i.e. “A” Grade, sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide.


Thickness (mm) 3.4, 4.6, 8, 10
Size (ft) 8 x 4 


  • Maintains its new shape (curve) once it has been glued in place, or veneered or laminated, or when more than one Flexible Plywood sheets are glued together.
  • The special construction of flexi ply gives an unusually large degree of flexibility and offers a most cost-effective way of producing rounded columns and other curved structures of very small radius in rounded or S-shaped structures without water or the need for heat-forming.
  • Also know as Bendy plywood, it is more convenient and much lower in cost than premade wooden forms. Its ability offers significant time savings, as curves & circular designs can be produced using flexible plywood without the need for a structural skeleton or special support.
  • Much simpler to use than traditional plywood, for creating curves and bends. Can be easily bent by hand.


Overview and Application

Finger joint laminated board (FJL board) is a solid wood board made by combining many laminas by finger joint or butt joint method into usable lengths strips. These strips are then pressed and laminated together by special glues (2 components adhesive) by hydraulic press machines to become the finger joint laminated board. The laminated board has many advantages that solid wood conventionally does not have. For instance, warping or twisting, which occurs in woodwork manufacturing process could be avoided if we use laminated board instead of solid wood.

Finger Joint Boards can be used to make Table Tops , Bar Tops, Chair Seat, Stair Treads, Drawer fronts, Parquet Floors, Internal Doors, Domestic Joinery, Furniture Fixtures, Wall shelves & fixtures, Indoor building components.

Our RUBBERWOOD FINGERJOINT LAMINATED BOARDS are of the Premium high quality standards i.e. “AA” Grade, sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide.


Thickness (mm) 11,17,22
Size (ft) 8 x 4 


  • The two most important advantages of finger jointed boards are straightness and dimensional stability.
  • Great Reasons to Use Finger jointed boards: Strength , Long lasting, Decorative, Resist forces well, natural texture.

manufacturing flowchart of rubberwood fingerjoint laminated boards


This is where the sawn wood is treated to ensure it has the longevity needed. The pressure chamber is vacuum sealed and preservatives are applied to treat the wood so that it will resist fungal and termite attack.


After pressure treatment, the timber will be sorted, properly stacked for drying in a kiln before the next step.


After the timber is dried, it will be ready for cross-cutting to get the useful wood pieces out of the timber. The cut pieces are then molded and then joined into longer strips by the process of finger jointing.


Subsequently the strips go through a lamination process to Produce laminated boards.

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